Frames and Lenses

Frames and Lenses

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As a Certified Hoya Technology Expert, Seaside Eyecare utilizes award winning Hoya lens products with iD -Free form design technology.

Hoya Vision's single vision lens designs have been perfected with various recent innovations. Your prescription is individually calculated and produced with our point-by-point freeform technologies. As every pixel on the lens surface has its own calculation value, your prescription can be uniquely cut into the lens. The result is pixel-perfect precision and outstanding visual performance.

Do you experience problems focusing at a range of distances but find that traditional progressive lenses cause unpleasant swim and sway? Then the award-winning Hoya Vision Individualized Dual Surface Progressive lens is right for you. Produced with the latest technology, this is Hoya Vision’s most advanced premium progressive lens yet. Experience an unprecedented level of individualization and clear, stable vision, every time and everywhere.

Unlike traditional, conventional progressive lenses, the Premium Freeform Progressive lenses use the back surface freeform technology which places the progressive surface on the back of the lenses, providing you with a wider field of vision.

Hoya Vision Premium Computer progressive lenses are designed specifically for prolonged visual tasks, like working inside an office, to help alleviate eyestrain and even reduce fatigue. They maximize your visual range and focus at arm's length distances, providing a clearer viewing zone up to 5 times larger than conventional eyeglass lenses.

Lens Material:

  • CR-39

  • Polycarbonate

  • Trivex

  • Hi-Index

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